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Sound & Video Equipment


Audio Recorders

Sound Devices 744T 4 track hard disc recorder, with timecode

Sound Devices XL-DVD RAM Drive for 744T

HHB Portadat PDR 1000TC stereo DAT recorder, with timecode

Marantz PMD-650 pro mini-disc recorder / player

Aiwa HHB-Pro stereo DAT recorder

Sony NT-1 digital micro recorder, worlds smallest DAT recorder!

Sony WM-DC6 Pro cassette recorder, with 50Hz crystal pilot mod

Sony MZ-R30 mini-disc recorder / player

Denon DMP-R70 mini-disc recorder / player

Olympus LS-10 digital recorder / player

Zoom H4 digital recorder / player


Sound Devices 442 4channel mixer, 4 into 4 / 2 / 1 

SQN-4S Mk3A stereo mixer, 4 into 2, with limiters

SQN-4S Mk4 stereo mixer, 4 into 2, with limiters, can be linked to above, giving 8 channels

2 X Wendt NGS-X2 mini stereo mixers, 2 into 2, with limiters

2 X Sound Devices Mix Pre 2 channel mixer, 2 into 2, with limiters

Audio Developments ADO-31 Stereo Micro Mixer, 8 into 3, with compressor / limiters

Radio Microphones

4 X Audio Engineering 3 Ch VHF Micron CNS diversity portable radio mics

4 X Audio Engineering VHF Micron CNS diversity radio mics, in portable rack

4 X Audio RMS2020 32 Ch UHF diversity portable radio mics

2 X Audio Engineering VHF Micron portable radio mics

1 X Audio Engineering Explorer 16 Ch UHF diversity radio mic

2 X Audio RMS2000 2 Ch VHF portable radio mics

1 X Audio HX2040 32 Ch UHF hand-held diversity radio mic

4 X Sennheiser Evolution 500 radio mics

2 X Sennheiser Evolution SKM 500 radio hand mics


A wide range of microphones from all popular manufactures, i.e., AKG, Beyer, Electrovoice, Telex, Tram, Pearl, Sanken, Sony, Shure, Sennheiser, etc.

Neumann RSM-190i stereo microphone system, produces both MS & AB stereo



4 X Icom IC-F4SR 4 watt UHF hand-helds with speaker mics, head-sets & earpieces

2 X Motorola S240 2 watt UHF hand-helds with speaker mics, head-sets & earpieces

2 X Motorola P210 5 watt VHF hand-helds with speaker mics & earpieces

4 X Raycom RTB-405 mini UHF hand-helds with accessories

863MHz directors feeds

MPD Telebox-2, telephone line interface unit

AOR AR3000A+ scanning receiver 

AOR AR8000 H-H scanning receiver

Various low power video links

Several other interesting items!

Hagen wireless earpieces

Prospect TC-22 telephone balance unit



Public Address / Playback

2 X Fostex 200-watt loudspeaker amplifiers

ASC Road Partner monitor loudspeaker amplifier

2 X Yamaha MSP-10 powered monitor speakers


Video Equipment

7 X Sony DSR-V10P Dvcam  portable digital video recorders, small enough to be ‘body’ worn, broadcast quality.  

5 X Sony GV-HD700E DV / HDV portable digital video recorders

4 X Sony DSR-PC120 dv camcorders, 530 line resolution, with Century 16:9 anamorphic adapters & Century .3X fish eye lens

Sony DSR-PD150P 3-CCD Dvcam digital camcorder, 550 line broadcast quality, with Century 16:9 anamorphic adapter 

2 X Panasonic WV-KS152 mini-cams, lip stick size, with 3mm, 7mm, 15mm and pinhole lenses

6 X Toshiba IK-TU48/61P 3-CCD 750 line broadcast quality mini-cams with 2, 4, 6, 12mm, 12.5-75mm zoom lens & 16:9 anamorphic adaptors

Optex mini pan & tilt head for Toshiba mini cams

2 X Sony CVX-V1P mini cams

15+ bullet cameras of various types

Panasonic GP-US502E 3-CCD 700 line broadcast quality mini-cam with 3, 6mm and 12.5-75mm zoom lenses 

Limpet mounts, magic arms, polecats, and other devices for mounting the above mini-cams in virtually any situation

Black Box timecode transmitters, receivers & viewer, enables any timecode capable equipment to be locked  together using radio

Various other mini-chip cameras

Sony PVM-9044QM 9” 4:3 / 16:9 switchable grade 1 component / composite Pal / NTSC / Secam colour monitor

2 X Panasonic WV-CM1000B 9" PAL / NTSC colour monitors

Panasonic TC-L4G 4" TFT colour LCD monitor / receiver

Denecke TS-1 digital timecode slate.



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